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Uncle From Another World Season 1 Episode 7 Release Date

Uncle From Another World also known as Isekai Ojisan has delivered yet again a funny Episode that gets utterly dark at some moments but all in all, a funny Episode that focused on the origins of How Uncle started his journey in the “Another World” and also picked up from the last week’s Episode where Mabel (Ice Princess) freezes him.

The Episode also revealed the diary that Takafumi had read in the first Episode and what had made him cry so much that he asked Uncle to erase his memory. We finally know what it said and that was not easy to witness. In short, Uncle was worth less than a scouring pad in “Another World”.

The Episode was filled with some of the darkest moments of how Uncle learned Magic which was filled with him talking to a ray of light trapped inside a prison cell after killing devilish creatures all night and eating them in the end because of hunger. The Episode has given us some good comedy but at the same time showed us the plight Uncle had gone through in “Another World”.

However, the end of the Episode is quite nice to watch and the trio eats together. It is nice to see that and however bad the time Uncle had in “Another World”, he seems to be having a blast on Earth, which we’ll see in the upcoming Episodes.

The Next Episode of the anime will release on 31st August 2022.



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