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Uncle From Another World Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Uncle From Another World also known as Isekai Ojisan released another Episode, specifically Episode 6 this week which focused on How it all started from the last Episode we got to know which power or ability Uncle asked for when he was transported to the “Another World” and this Episode followed back with how crucial and in favor was that decision by Uncle. We also get to see Uncle’s and Elf’s first encounter and how creepy was it at one moment.

The Episode started with Uncle sharing a story like always and this time the story started with how it all started, after Uncle was beaten up by three people of “Another World”, he’s sold off to a merchant who keeps devilish-natured creatures and those three men sell Uncle here.

The killer and straight-to-the-heart ego-shattering thing come when Uncle finds out that he was cheaper than a scouring pad in “Another World” as he was sold off for just 3 Bronze Coins and a scouring pad was sold off for 120 Bronze Coins. This is the memory that Takafumi was crying after reading it in Uncle’s diary which was later removed by Uncle for him because it was too heartbreaking.

After we get to know Uncle’s and Elf’s first encounter in which Uncle just comes and kills the Dragon that Elf had damaged and created an opening. Uncle offers her his hoodie after he sees her nude*e.

She’s grateful for him because of his kind nature but after Elf uses the Infinity room to hide an item and Uncle tries to take that hoodie off of her to see if she’s hurt and wouldn’t stop, he’s thought of as a pervert orc and then Elf runs away.

The Episode ended on a note after Mabel freezes Uncle in Episode 5, he wakes up to both of them sleeping with him giving him a sleazy excuse but later they all form a party to go help a hero who will be clearing a dungeon and Mabel will be helping him with that, after her Afternoon Nap of 2-5 offcourse!


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