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Uncle From Another World Episode 6 Release Date

Uncle From Another World Episode 6 Release Date: Uncle From Another World also known as Isekai Oji-san released its 5th Episode after a week’s break and delivered a weirdly funny but traumatizing episode because it had a fraction of Uncle’s plight that he went through in the “Another World” in his quest.

With the archival footage that we see in Uncle’s memories, those memories are traumatizing for not only Takafumi but the viewers too.

The Episode focuses on this one story about how Uncle was assassinated in the “Another World” or at least he thought he was but that was the revelation for the time after. However, he was assassinated by the ice-clan princess whom he secretly married without having any shred of knowledge about what he was doing.

In his defense, he was giving her a precious ring so she can sell it and wouldn’t have to work her whole life but she thought he had married her. Well, when Uncle’s thoughts are revealed, she tries to assassinate him again and what happens after, all we can agree on together is that Uncle has been one horrible person to ladies in the “Another World”.

Its not so soon that we will rid ourselves of these traumatizing stories of Uncle, he will be back with more next week on Netflix i.e., 24th August 2022 Wednesday with another Episode.



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