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Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Full Story, Recap & Ending Explained

Uncle From Another World Episode 4 Full Story, Recap & Ending Explained: Uncle From Another World, an Action-Comedy isekai anime that released its 4th Episode of the first season is now on the road to being one of the top favorites of this season.

The recently released episode i.e., the 4th Episode titled “You Helped Me Through Tough Times” did a lot in terms of story developments and also did not disappoint when it came to straying away from the norm when it comes to behaving normally.

The penned characters are hilarious in their own way. The duo, Takafumi and Uncle are totally oblivious about stuff, Takafumi we wouldn’t have thought of but this episode proved one thing “Like Uncle, Like Nephew”. It comes off after we’ve seen the Elf in the memories of Uncle is stalking Uncle and he’s oblivious to the advancements she makes.

Similarly, in this Episode, we saw Fujimiya doing the same things, trying to water that romantic plant inside her so that Takafumi would look at her in another way, not as some childhood friend but as he ends up being the same kind of oblivious as his Uncle.

The Episode also showed some of Uncle’s memories about the other world in which we get to know Uncle’s drunk side. The Episode ended with Uncle getting drunk in real after Fujimiya gives him a drink with 5% alcohol and he chants a spell that gets all of them in the air holding each other flying. It suffice to say that Uncle cannot hold his alcohol at all.

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