Tuck Jagadish Review: A Major Disappointment

Tuck Jagdish Review

Tuck Jagadish Review: When I was Kid, I used to love south Indian movies because of their great and unbelievable action scenes, after few years those scenes look funny to me and I used to think that most south Indian films are waste. But this thought of mine has changed in the last 2-3 years and most of its credit goes to the Malayalam Cinema for their amazing content-driven film.

Pandemic, Prime Video, and Malayalam film industry changed my mindset in recent years and now I wait for more and more south Indian films. Amazon Prime Video’s original film Tuck Jagdish was released today as a Direct OTT release and I was having huge expectations from the film. Unfortunately, the film ended up with Major disappointment. Here in the post, I am going to tell you about the Plot, story, Performances, and a few more highlights of the film. The film is approx 140 Minutes long and suitable to watch with family.


There is nothing new in the story, the film is about a family and property disputes. The film starts in the family of Aadisesh Naidu, who is very respected by locals. He has two sons Bosu Babu and Jagadish, after the unexpected death of Aadisesh, his family scattered, and Bosu turns against Jagdish to grab the whole property. Now how our hero will everything, this is filmed is all about that.


One of the weakest performances of Nani in recent time, all credit goes to poor scriptwriting, Nani tries all his best to look great and make the film great but fails to make a strong impact in the film. Aishwarya Rajesh and Ritu Verma were decent enough to grab your attention, they both look good and they make a great presence in the film.

I personally liked Jagpathi Babu, he was brilliant in his roles and he was living in his character, he is the best performer from the film, His expressions, and dialogue delivery were treat to watch. The rest of the characters like Rao Ramesh, Daniel, and Rohini were average with their performances.


The biggest drawback of the film is the script itself, the story is very very predictable and you will predict each and almost every scene. The story is about the same old wine in the old bottle which makes no impact at all. The pace of the film is super slow and at a point in time you will end up thinking about what is happening and why? The BGM and music make the film down more and more, I was expecting a much better BGM but sadly the film fails in that department too.

The locations were good, the fighting sequences were good, VFX was average and the screenplay was decent.


I am going with 2 out of 5 stars for the film, This Amazon Prime Video film Tuck Jagdish is a major disappointment for cinema lovers, the film has nothing special and the film is the same old wine that lacks new taste. If you are a fan of Nani and you have nothing to watch and you want to give a try this film, You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

This was ours Tuck Jagadish Review, what are your opinion about the film?, Please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates and quick OTT reviews, stay tuned with us.

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