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True Spirit Movie Review | Netflix

True Spirit Movie Review: True Spirit is a movie released on 3rd February 2023 on Netflix, The book by Jessica Watson herself served as the inspiration for this film. It is based on Jessica Watson’s true account of her ambition to become the youngest person to sail alone and unassisted around the globe.

Sarah Spillane, the director, performed an excellent job. Jessica’s narrative was presented to us in a way that did not start with the dream Jessica had as a young child. The movie opens with Jessica’s present, the day she is getting ready to set sail for her world tour, and every time they cut to her past, it just gives the story more emotional depth and character development.

The casting of Teagan Croft as Jessica Watson could not be more ideal. Her on-screen character is pursuing her dreams and is willing to overcome any obstacles that stand in the path of her success.

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The one thing that this film depicts that most current films fail to do so is family values. Her entire family played a crucial part in her goal to become the youngest person to complete a world tour. Every time she thought that this was too difficult, his family constantly gave assistance and encouraged her to achieve her passion.

Additionally, this film has the best production quality; for example, when they show the scene where Jessica is steering the boat, they frequently use CGI and visual effects. And they built the small room that rotates in real time for the scene where she suffers from a storm with 70-foot waves, exactly like they did for the hotel scene in Inception.

And who could forget the soundtrack of the film? Every song in a movie, in other words, matches the emotion of that scene. Additionally, the sound editing in the film was excellent; there was even a scene where only the sound of the waves and the sea was playing in the background.

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We should thank the creators for giving us a chance to see a story that, for the most part, we had never even heard of. Even if you had, you should still watch the film because it will make you appreciate Jessica Watson even more.

The thought of a 16-year-old girl sailing to fulfill her dream of becoming the youngest person to travel the world gives me goosebumps. She had to spend 210 days at sea, endure 7 knockdowns, and deal with waves that were over 70 feet tall.



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