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Trolley Episode 2 Review, Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Trolley Episode 2: Trolley’s first episode ends on a major cliffhanger, with a woman revealing that she is pregnant with Nam Joong-Do’s son, which we already covered in episode one, which you should have watched if you haven’t already. Now, let’s get into the episode 2 recap with the ending explanation.


Episode 2 of Trolley is titled “The Accident,” where we see that a young woman named Soo-Bin says that she is pregnant with Ji-Hoon’s son. After that, we see Hye-Joo invite her to her house to prevent the news from spreading further, and then we see her reveal that she is pregnant at 5 weeks.

She reveals that she and Ji-hoon were dating for a long time, meeting through mutual friends and then staying at Ji-hoon’s apartment, which is why Hye-Joo finds lipstick stains on cups at his apartment.

The scene then shifts to the funeral home, where she doesn’t feel comfortable signing the guestbook, and she tells them she also wants to stay with them because she has nowhere else to stay. where they question her and find out that she doesn’t have even a phone and also no picture of them together.

Kang, on the other hand, searches the news for information about Ji-Hoon, after which they test his blood and discover that it is negative for illegal drugs but high in alcohol. After all, Joong-Do overdrinks under duress and then drives back home, where Hye-Joo tries to persuade her to let the girl stay.

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At home, we see Joong-Do attempting to persuade Soo-Bin to have an abortion, and she tells the media that she is only interested in scandal, as she was in the case of the Assemblyman. Woo-Jae, the chief advisor, has come to meet him.

The upcoming election is approaching, but the Soo-Bin situation is still in the spotlight. Joong-Do asks her wife to check if she uses drugs or alcohol for her personal use.

Following that, Joong-Do was ready for an interview with journalists in the morning, where he was questioned about the drugs with his son; as a result, he told the reporter that he would give an official statement later on if everything went well.

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We see that at night, Joong-Do goes live on the news and gives an interview about what happened between Ji-Hoon and Yoon-Seo. Then Joong-Do speaks directly to the citizens and tells them; after that, a citizen assists him, and Hye-Joo tells people that he is a very good person and that she trusts him more than his political achievements.

Episode 2 Ending: Is Joong-Do a murderer?

In the end, we see police discover the truth about the leaking video and go to Ji Seung-Ku’s home to arrest him for causing Harness Nam Goong’s sex video to become publicly leaked; after that, she becomes suicidal, but the twist is that when police arrived in his house, he too jumped from his window and died instantly, as we will see in the following articles when new episodes are available to watch.




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