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Troll Ending Explained Netflix – Troll Dead Or Alive?

Troll Ending Explained Netflix: The adventure drama film ‘Troll’ releases a few hours back on Netflix, from the trailer itself, the film has created a huge Buzz, and now viewers are confused about the ending of the film, here goes the ending explanation and summary of the film.

The film starts in Dovre Mountains where a huge creature appears and starts destroying everything which comes it is way, Norwegian Government starts investigating the case and they appoint Nora Tidemann as Adviser, Noora’s Father was fascinated about the Mountains and the creators, and thus She decided to take the film of her father, Tobias and visits him.

Tobias and Noora encounter with ‘Troll’ and Tobias was killed here by the ‘Troll’, as the ‘Trolling’ is creating more and more damage to the Property and lives of People, the Government decided to Kill the ‘Troll’ with Powerful weapons and this created more damage to the Property and the lives of People.

The Ending

After the Death of her Father, Nora starts digging deep into the Facts and History, She came to know that ‘Trolls’ are very sensitive to light and they can’t handle the sunlight, With some scientific equipment, Nora Plans to bring up the ‘Troll’ out of the town and with the help of the Police Force she manages to arrange the artificial UV Rays.

Although the UV Rays were effective, still Nora tries to save the ‘Troll’ and request’ Troll’ leave the Place and go away, but all of a sudden the sunrise and then the ‘Troll’ got killed.

Troll Dead Or Alive?

At the end of the film, we get to see that the ‘Troll’ goes alive again during the night and the film ends here, Now coming to the question, Is Troll Dead Or Alive? The answer is Yes, The Troll is Alive and the makers are planning to make another Part of the film soon.

There are chances that he may return to the cave, but the ending is open, and Now it’s all up to the audience to decide the ending of the film, as per our theory, the Troll is alive and he will again return during the Night to get his revenge.

This was all about the Troll Ending Explained which was released on Netflix, what do you think about the film and the ending?, Please let us know in the comments, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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