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Transfusion Movie Review: The latest Stan original Transfusion is now streaming on Stan, the length of the film is about 106min and is also available in English. The movie is rated MA15+ for strong themes, Violence, Coarse language, and Drug use, Starring Sam Worthington, and is directed by Matt Nable.

The film follows the story of a former sniper in the Australian army Ryan Logan(Sam Worthington) who was injured both mentally and physically when he got shot protecting his team back home, in Iraq.

Ryan Logan struggles to adjust to normal life, but he must adjust back to his life with his wife Justine (Phoebe Tonkin) and son Billy (Gilbert Bradman) the bond between the father and son duo was awesome but it feels like a little long and outstretched through the movie.

The performance by Sam Worthington in the role of Ryan is strong as compared to his other movies where his performance is generally a little flat, and he is also supported by a strong cast in this movie. The script of the movie is not so strong but it gets carried away with the acting.

The story takes a jump where Justine was killed in a car crash and Billy is now 16 years old teenager, a judge warned Ryan to keep on the straight and narrow otherwise he’ll be removed from billy’s custody.

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Now he meets his old college Johnny (Matt Nable) comes along offering some easy, illegal work to them but working for Johnny is going to be difficult will Ryan be able to put everything online for himself and his son.

The acting is good by all the cast members the music feels good to the ears but the movie feels a little long and there are very serious moments in this movie along with some bad decisions, you can consider it for one time watch otherwise you can also skip it.

Rating: 2.5/5



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