This GOT Episode Turned a 6 Year Old And We Forgot About It

Game of Thrones, when it aired was like a cult, like everyone and I mean everyone watched it and waited for the episodes like crazy. If the episode was released early in the morning like in India, you woke up early and waited for the episode so you could start your day with GOT.

Those who didn’t watch started to watch and got on that GOT bandwagon. However, the show ended on a note that was very critical of everyone who was a die-hard fan, but that journey over the years was too damn exciting and worth it. If you ask some of the GOT die-hard fans about some of their favorite Game of Thrones episodes, one name will pop up A LOT of times and that, my friend is “Battle Of The Bastards”.

That episode was so high in budget and it involved a final battle between Jon Snow and Ramsey Bolton, and yes both of them were bastard sons hence, the title. That episode was a long-awaited episode and that episode delivered. Filled up with war-like sequences, that episode was directed by Miguel Sapochnik (Finch, Repo Men) who was highly praised for that whole episode.

The famous episode had some really amazing scenes in it, one of them being Jon Snow getting crushed by his own army and not being able to breathe, slowly crawling out of that. We’re talking about that specific episode because a couple of days ago on 19th June 2016, “Battle Of The Bastards” was released and it blew our minds.

With a very strong IMDB rating of 9.9 with more than 200K votes, It stands tall as one of our favorite GOT episodes. If you feel nostalgic enough, go back and revisit it!

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