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The Swarm Netflix Review: This Slow Burn Thriller Is Creepy, Intense And Horrifying

The Swarm Netflix Review: I was waiting for this film since the release of the trailer, I like the films based on Animal Attacks and I found this one similar to that, I just finished the film on Netflix in English version, and here is the full detailed review of the film, I am going to talk about the Story, Peformances and few more highlights of the film.

The movie stars Suliane Brahim in main lead roles along with Sofian Khammes, Marie Narbonne and Raphael Romand in supproting roles, the film is written by Jérôme Genevray, Franck Victor and dircted by Just Philippot. The film is approx 100 Minutes long and now available on NetFlix in English and French Audio with English subtitles. The movie is suitable to watch the family, but not with Kids. Avoid watching the film with Kids.


The plot of the film revolves around Virginie, who is a single parent of Laura (15 Yrs. Old) and Gaston (7 Yrs Old.). Virginie owns a farm where she raises locusts and then sells them as a high-protein crop. Things were not going well as no one was interested in buying those low-quality Locusts. All of sudden one day she came to know that Locusts have a taste of blood and if she gives them blood they can grow fatser.

From that day life of Virginie changes and she is now making a profit. In all between these, she never realizes that she is inviting something very dangerous, what was that and how will she overcome it? to know this you have to watch the film on Netflix.


Suliane Brahim is the best among all the characters of the film, She is ruling all over the film with her amazing acting skill, her expressions, dialogue delivery and the way she reacts to the situations was amazing. She is killing it in the whole film with her amazing performance. For me Raphael Romand was the second-best performer in the film. he looks cute, mature, and very talented in the film. Marie Narbonne was equally good in the role of an older sister, she plays the role of a teen perfectly. Sofian Khammes was decent in the supporting roles.


The film starts very slow and trusts me it ends amazingly. The story of the film is very open but the way it was executed, I liked it very much. The screenplay was decent and it keeps you hooked most of the time. A few moments of the film look lengthy still it leaves a great impact. BGM os the film is good and the VFX and locations were amazing, there is one scene where Locustus are all over on the body of Suliane Brahim and that scene looks amazing, Creepy, and Scary as hell.


I am going with 3 out of 5 stars for the film if you love the films based on Animal attacks and horrors this slow-burn thriller should be one of them on your list. The film is a little slow in the beginning but trusts me, it is worth waiting. You can watch the film with family but avoid watching it with Kids. The film is now available on Netflix in English and French audio.

This was all about The Swarm Netflix Review, what are your thoughts about the film? please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates about movies and series, stay tuned with us.


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