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The Sandman Season 2 News, Story & Latest Update

The Sandman Season 2 News, Story & Latest Update: Now that The Sandman has been released on Netflix recently, the much-awaited comic book character is being loved by the audience for its dark plot and visually aesthetic sceneries.

However, the question of whether we should get attached to it or not is still looming over our heads. Should we start loving it so much that we can’t wait for the 2nd season or love it only to find out that it has been canceled by Netflix after some time?

The Sandman tells the story about Lord Morpheus, also known as Dream who rules The Dreaming where humans go when they’re dreaming. He sets out to rebuild The Dreaming after his long absence of more than a century and also retrieve his tools.

The Sandman has come off like a surprise when Netflix isn’t doing so well with big budget projects blowing right on their faces like The Gray Man but this has hope. The reviews are all praises and the news about the writer Allan Heinberg has stated that the writing for Season 2 has been started which is promising that there will be a Season 2. However, there is no official news from Netflix about that.

The Sandman has a lot of stuff to uncover if we compare it with the Comics by Neil Gaiman. There’s going to be the child that Lyta Hall has conceived that Dream will be coming for after some time that can create tension between Humans and Morpheus.

We’re yet to see more about Nada than we saw in Episode 4 when Dream visited Hell and was identified as Kai’ckul and why there’s tension between him and Nada. There’s a lot of uncovering in The Sandman and probably more interesting than what we’ve seen by now.


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