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The Sandman Season 1 Ending Explained | Netflix

The Sandman Season 1 Ending Explained: Neil Gaiman’s Comic Book adaptation “The Sandman” has been released on Netflix this weekend and it has been getting positive reviews from people all over the world. Dark and visually strong, this series is a collection of 10 Episodes with a runtime of fewer than 60 minutes that is definitely binge-worthy.

The Sandman tells the story about Dream which is one of the Endless that governs people’s dreams and the world they experience when dreaming is all made by Morpheus/Dream that seems to perish when he is captured by an occult leader mistakenly instead of Death. After his escape after a century, he goes back to restore his kingdom back to its old self and to collect his lost tools to humanity where they do not belong, the series of a compilation of those adventures.

The Ending of the series was interesting as it introduced another demon from hell, Azazel. Now, as shown Azazel had come as a representative of the lords of Hell to Lucifer with a proposal to expand the bounds of hell since they cannot escape it. Lucifer who had been defeated by Dream/Morpheus in the series wants to destroy him and his Dreaming accepts the proposal sent by the Lord of Hell.

Lucifer who had been cast away by God himself to Hell now resents God and would do anything to make himself angry and she’s in quite an awe of the plan that it will make God livid and bring Morpheus to his knees.

Anything about that plan has not been revealed in the ending of the show but it’s seen that she’s being cheered on by the damned.



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