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The Rehearsal Season 1 Review: This Deep, Interesting and Weird show is only for Philosophy Lovers.

HBO’s The Rehearsal led by the comedian-actor and creator Nathan Fielder has come to its end for this season. The show was a docu-comedy drama that focussed on the idea if you could rehearse for a major life decision that is yet to come or you’re not sure about, would it be easier to make at the time when you have to make it?

The show is a social experiment that Nathan seems to be doing with HBO’s unlimited resources with hiring child actors and a whole lot of assembling going on.

Season 1 was a roller coaster ride and at times you feel like “Is this really necessary?”. This is one of the questions that you ask yourself when watching this weird show but it does touch upon some really important topics and Episode 6 was so on point with that.

Episode 6 focussed on the aftermath of a child actor not wanting to leave the Rehearsal because he had really believed that Nathan is his real father because, in reality, he does not have one. This took Nathan on a ride that will either break the child for life.

It involved Nathan trying to explain to the child that he wasn’t his real father and they were just “Pretending”. This pretending became the reality for that kid and Nathan had to deal with that.

However, the child seemed to accept that it was all a pretend game in the end but this is going to be a process. The Episode ended on a note with Nathan re-evaluating his decision to create this show and whether it was a correct decision or not. For some, this is a show that can cause serious damage, for some it’s a super weird show that feels like one person’s (Nathan) way of feeling something.

This is a very complex show and it is definitely not for everyone. It is for people who overthink, contemplate their decisions, and do not want to live their big decisions about their life to chance.

It comes off as a super dystopian sort of theme at times but after all, it is a great social experiment that Nathan Fielder needs to be commended for putting his personal life out there in front of everyone.



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