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The Reading Movie Ending Explained & Summary | Bet Plus

The Reading Movie Ending Explained: The Reading Movie Summary & Ending Explained: The Reading movie is now available to stream on BET+ in the English Language, In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of the movie so let’s get started.

The story begins with Emma who is cooking in the kitchen but there comes an invader who kills her teenage daughter, young son, and her husband Matthew she was also beaten even he cuts off her one figure but very difficulty she survives there.

Cut to one year later when she is launching her book “The Invasion” telling the story of what happened that evening we can also see how her speech is also affected by that attack.
Later a girl named SKY is doing a Psychic reading but then he feels the connection between the real world and the supernatural world she tells her boyfriend Greg about that that it has happened before and if it happens again she will do things that are not right for them.

But Greg asks her to job one last for Emma he and his team which consist of 4 members Greg, Sky, Jessie(who takes care of Sky’s health), and Randy(The cameraman) agree to do this last job for 20 dollars as Sky also need money because her mother who is a Ph.D. and intelligent but does sex work for making money.

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The reading starts and Sky started to connect with the spirits and tells many personal things to Emma that made her embarrassed she leaves the room and asked SKY to stop this but she chooses to continue.

But then the story takes a turn when Sky came to consciousness, she tells everyone that Emma is the one who killed all her family members not a random invader, but knowing that Emma locks the door and Shoots Greg which makes them injured badly. Then the bloody game of chase starts the first one to be killed is Randy, and then she shoots Greg multiple times which makes her bullets all used, and she throws the gun.

Then Jessica and Sky decided to take her down they jump on her but she also killed Jessica and Sky escaped from there but got caught but luckily she found the gun and one unused bullet and she had Emma on her face.

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IN The post-credit scene we can see that Sky is telling them how she escaped from there and the host said that how Emma lied to us 2 years ago in this same place the ending seems like that when Emma died her spirit possessed the weak body of Sky and now she can live and make money but in a different and younger body.

Here is my summary and ending explanation of the movie hope you like it and stay tuned for more such content.




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