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The Prophecy | Who Kills The Saviour? | ‘Island’ K Drama Explained

The Prophecy Who Kills The Saviour? : Amazon Prime Video’s “Island”, a new K-Drama has been released recently on the streaming platform with its first two Episodes out in the first week, Based on the Webtoon of the same name, Island takes us on a mythical journey with demons and long lost promises and it has all the elements for a good watch.

Starring Kim Nam-Gil, Lee Da-Hee, Cha Eun-Woo, and Sung Joon along with other actors, it starts off with telling us a mythical prophecy that tells us about the 46 Dol Hareubang Mythology but delves much deeper after we see demons and humans fighting each other on the island of Jeju.

If you’re curious about the prophecy and the saviour we see at the start, you’re at the right place.

The Prophecy

In Tamra, there was once a time when everyone lived in harmony but that didn’t stay like that for long. After Gods and mortal beings clashed, chaos emerged. In order to stop the monsters from coming out of Hell’s Gate, God sealed off the blood of his 46 children into a Dol Hareubang and blocked off the gate.

There comes a time when all of the worlds was almost engulfed by the power of evil and to maintain the balance and protect the world, a saviour was born in the form of a woman but she couldn’t complete her mission and died after a man stabbed her to death.

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This man is still alive in the present living on the island. Evil also still lingers on the Island. However, a new saviour was born and the church has been looking after her for a long time.

Who Kills The Saviour?

When Ban and Goong-Tan were captured by the Buddhist Monks and forcefully turn into hybrids of demons and humans, they were beaten and forced to train so that they could fight against the demons and kill them. However, there’s a girl there who sees the torture being inflicted on these two boys and helps them escape but along the way, she gets hurt and the two boys come back with the girl so she could be treated.

She feels a lot of guilt when she sees Ban and Goong-Tan getting punished for that and tells him that she has come to say goodbye to him but she will be back and set them free of this curse and asks them to wait for her.

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However, she turns out to be the savior and when she does come, Ban kills her making that prophecy we saw earlier in Episode 1 true and killing her. Ban who killed his saviour is now waiting for her to come back again and is still living as a hybrid killing demons on the Island of Jeju.



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