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The Patient Episode 9 Ending Explained

The Patient Episode 9 Ending Explained: The Patient is back with another Episode that is just one step away from the series finale. The Episode was titled “Auschwitz” giving homage to the Jewish concentration camps from which the Episode actually starts, in Alan’s dream where he goes to Auschwitz and does that one thing that wasn’t asked of anyone which is to not wake up.

Alan has been sharpening his foot cream on the edges of the bed looking for an opening where he can stab Sam and end this once and for all.

In that scheme, he talks to Sam about finding meaning in life in relationships so he persuades Sam to invite Mary, his ex-wife over for dinner so that Alan can look through a nanny cam whether both Mary & Sam are a good fit or not. Alan schemes that when Mary is over, he’ll stab Sam and scream for help and Mary will call the cops but that doesn’t go as he had planned.

In his mind palace with Charlie, he realizes that if anything goes south it’s Mary who is going to be killed by Sam and he doesn’t want anyone getting killed because of him.

At the end of the Episode, Alan talks to Sam about his father beating him and how he takes that anger and kills people instead of his father Sam realizes that if he just kills his father then he will find peace and it’ll be a stop to everything.

He shows a video of Ed Kemper to Alan so he can understand the psyche better and, in the end, leaves the house to kill his father while Alan tries to stop him.



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