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‘The Nurse’ Netflix (2023) Based On True Story? | Nykobing Falster Hospital

The latest medical crime thriller drama is now streaming on Netflix. If you have watched the movie, you might be wondering whether the story is based on a true incident or not. Here in this article, we are going to discuss that, so let’s get started.

So, the answer to your question about whether the series is based on or inspired by any true events is “Yes.” The story is based on a book by the same name, which is a true story about a very evil nurse, Christina Aistrup Hansen, who worked at Nykøbing Falster Hospital located in Denmark.

The nurse worked the night shift at the hospital, and the hospital staff noticed that patients who seemed fine until the morning suddenly died in the observation of Christina without showing any symptoms. In 2016, an investigation was held against her, and they found out that she had killed three patients and attempted to murder one. After the trial and many hearings, she was sentenced to life in prison. During the investigation, the court found out that she overdosed patients with morphine, which resulted in their death.

She was 31 years old when she was given the punishment, and they found out that she was suffering from a histrionic personality disorder, which makes patients search for excitement in existence. She was sentenced to 12 years in prison after that.

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