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The Noel Diary Ending Explained: Christmas Magic Successfully Created Or Not?

The Noel Diary Ending Explained: Netflix has brought its A-Game this year with respect to the Christmas Movies and giving tough competition to HALLMARK. Casting some of the very well-known actors, they are sending us treats packed with hopefulness and sweet romances in the form of Christmas Movies and well, we’re loving it, and what type of Christmas is devoid of hot cocoa with a blanket around watching a good Christmas movie right?.

The Noel Diary is one of those additions to the plethora of Christmas Movies, starring Justin Hartley of This Is Us fame who is not new to this type of genre and knows it pretty well along with Barrett Doss who brings her own charms as well to the film.

The Noel Diary tells the story of Jake Turner who is a best-selling author who returns to his home after he hears from his attorney that his estranged mother had died. He finds out that his mother had become a hoarder and he needs to clear out the stuff which has been passed onto him.

While clearing out he finds a woman staring and soon introduces herself as Rachel and later reveals that she’s the daughter of the nanny who used to work for Jake’s family when he was a kid and she has been searching for her estranged mother. Jake finds an old journal that holds information related to his past and also to Rachel’s mother as well. Since Rachel has been in search of her estranged mother who actually wrote the journal as we see at the beginning of the film, he offers to help her out with good intentions and they start searching.

In the search of finding Jake’s estranged father who might know about Rachel’s mother, Jake and Rachel look inside their lives and their past lives and in that, they develop a close bond. It helps with Jake’s charm and Rachel bringing her comedic timing and the duo seems to be developing a close relationship that grows into something more for both of them. However, Rachel is already engaged, but her attraction toward Jake complicates their relationship. She gets clear about her feelings after she buys one of Jake’s books and falls for him more.

Jake, on the other hand, is a divorce child who’s seen his parent’s marriage get broken up and the issues as well so he wasn’t so sure that he’d ever fall in love too. Rachel finds out that the journal that Jake found in the house is actually her mother’s written journal and finds out that her name was Noel. Haunted and searching for the reason why her mother left her, she finds out that he mother Noel was rejected by her folks for getting pregnant at a young age and Jake’s parents took her in and helped her become a better person.

She also recollects that Jake was her favorite when she was their nanny. She mentions that she wasn’t ready to be a mother at such a young age and that is why she left. Noel comes to a realization that her mother still loved her but life happened and sent them in different ways.

Upon meeting Jake’s father, Jake makes peace with his father after he left him and his mother after the death of Jake’s brother. Jake and his father make peace and after Rachel and he come out, Jake follows her that he’s in love with her but is rejected by Rachel but then later, she comes back to him and confesses her love as well. They kiss and the film ends with the new couple starting their new life together as changed people.

The Noel Diary is a Christmas Movie that is able to create some magic but some of it gets predictable at times that doesn’t stop it from being a good watch that takes you on a journey of how two people find each other and help each other on the way to become better people and deal with their issues.


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