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The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule The World Episode 1 Summary, Recap & Ending Explained

The Iceblade Sorcerer Episode 1 Summary, Recap & Ending Explained (Hyouken no Majutsushi ga Sekai o Suberu) : The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World is now streaming on Crunchyroll, The first episode has been released on Crunchyroll and new episodes are going to be released every weekend. I’m going to give you a short recap of the anime series.

The Iceblade Sorcerer Shall Rule the World is set in a world like Harry Potter, In this world magic, exist and no one hides it from anyone, There are people who know magic and come from the Sorcerer family and there are ordinary people who don’t come from any sorcerer family but still can learn Sorcery or magic.

In this world ordinary people also can do magic if they understand the basics of Sorcery, Sorcery has a different meaning in this world it’s meant to reconstruct prima material, the primary building block of matter in their world.

If you reconstruct the prima material you can make anything from it, there are no limits to it, There was a war that happened in their world called the Far East War and it destroyed everything but they won the war with the Iceblade Sorcerer, who helped them win the war.

There are 5 Ranks in the Sorcery field and one of them is Grand Rank it’s sacred, powerful, and greatest there are a total of 7 of them and people only know about a few of them like Abbie Garnet known as the Blaze Sorcerer, Carol Caroline known as the Spellbinding Sorcerer and The Iceblade Sorcerer who become vanished after The Far East War. People only know about this 3.

There are 3 Powerful Nobel Sorcerer families, Rose, Bradley, and Olgren. This family is known as a powerful family in this world.

The story follows Ray White an Ordinary, He joined The Arnold Academy of Sorcery. It’s his first day in the academy, so he doesn’t know about anything, but after students get to know about him, students start discrimination. Al, who belongs to a Sorcerer family, starts bullying him, but at that time Amelia Rose helps Ray. Amelia Rose belongs to the top 3 noble families, so everyone fears her and leaves Ray.

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The Arnold Academy of Sorcery’s principal is Abbie Garnet who is known as the Blaze Sorcerer. She gave a speech at the auditorium about the school and its purpose of it.

Ray white now introduces himself to the class. Other students didn’t like him because he’s ordinary, so they asked how and why he got a chance to study at Arnold Academy, Teacher answered that he got the chance in the right way as the others got.

The teacher studies the basics of Sorcery and one of the students asks questions about anti-material code, and the teacher answers that no Sorcerer uses anti-material code, Ainsworth’s twofold code theory is a matter. The teacher asked everyone to use Prima mater to make something. Ray made a small ice cube, while Rose made a Big Rose ice. Everyone was shocked after seeing that Ray also can do Sorcery, but it’s child-level sorcery.

Ray found that girl who asked questions about Ainsworth’s code theories, and her name is Elisa Griffith, who is a half-elf, so she always wears a hoodie to hide her ear. Elisa’s role model is Ainsworth and she wants to become like her. Ray talks to her and advises her to not wear a hoodie because she’s also looking good in those big ears. Elisa likes her thinking and says that he’s more mature than anyone, Ray remembers something after hearing that Mature word, where a man says that Ray is more mature than his age.

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Ray goes to his room and finds Evi Armstrong who is waiting for him. The two talk like they’re strangers, but soon it feels like they know each other Very well. Ray is jogging in the morning and has an encounter with Rebecca Bradley, who’s a Third-year student at The Arnold Academy of Sorcery, Ray also made Rebecca her friend.

While going to school Evi gives some knowledge to Ray about the noble family and the friends he made yet come from 2 Nobel families like Like, Rose and Bradley. Ray asks Evi to go because the principal called him, while going to the principal office Ray encounters another girl Claris Cleveland who has long pigtail hair, Ray also impressed her and made her friend.

Ray now meets the principal and addresses her as colonel, Abbie asks him to not address her on that name. He can call her Abbie.

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The first period of the class is Practical Swordsmanship where Al is waiting to beat Ray. Al attacks Ray, but Ray easily defends the attack, so Al uses the sword to attack straight but his Sword gets destroyed by Ray’s Sword and everyone is in shock.

Abbie Garnet watches this all from the Top of the castle and says that she’s happy that Ray is enjoying his school life and at the end, Abhie addresses him as the Iceblade Sorcerer.

Is Ray the Iceblade Sorcerer?

Yes, Ray is the Iceblade Sorcerer, He is one of the members of Colonel Abbie’s Team, Who Fought at the Far East War, He probably joined the team when he was a kid, We can see a picture of their team on the desk of Abbie Garnet. There is more to know about Ray in upcoming episodes.



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