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The Gray Man Netflix Explained | Did Lloyd Hansen Die? What happened to Sierra Six?

Netflix’s one of the biggest movies starring Chris Evans, Ryan Gosling, Ana De Arms, and Dhanush, “The Gray Man” released last week and topped the charts in many countries. Even though the story was pretty simple, there are a few burning questions about The Gray Man that you might want to get answers for. Let’s answer some burning questions:

What is a Gray Man?

Gray-Man is the assassins/killers who got hired by the CIA as a mercenary in exchange for their freedom from a jail sentence. You can take this as a Suicide Squad member. The difference is, in Suicide Squad, those who got hired were having superpowers and here, they don’t.

In order to be free from the sentence, recruited assassin/killer has to work for the CIA for a lifetime.

Did Lloyd Hansen Die?

Well, it seems like he did. However, we cannot confirm the same since he wasn’t shown dead properly. He might’ve been unconscious and then thrown into Jail or something like that. But if we follow the visuals of the movie, yes he did die. It’s Russos! Anything is possible.

What happened to Sierra Six?

He ran away from the facility where he was kept captive along with Claire Fitzroy. We all knew he has skills and sooner or later he will use them, and he did.

Is The Gray Man Sequel Coming?

After Kevin Faige confirmed at the SDCC that the next two Avengers movies, “Avengers: The Kang Dynasty” and “Avengers: Secret Wars” won’t be directed by The Russo Brothers, we can expect them to focus on the sequel. However, it depends on how the movie performs on Netflix. Reviews of The Gray Man are very mixed and it’s not appreciated by critics.

What will Suzanne and Danny do next?

Considering the fact that Claire and Sierra Six both know a lot of secrets, Suzanne and Danny both might want to catch them and kill them before they reveal their secrets to the world.



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