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The Family Man 2 Telugu & Tamil Dubbed Version Is Delayed

The Family Man 2 Telugu & Tamil Dubbed Version Delayed: The presence of Samantha and a Tamilian story in the Family Man Season 2 was enough to grab the attention of south Indian movie and series lovers, part 2 of the series has just landed on the amazon prime video but the sad part is the series is only available in Hindi audio and this was the major disappointment for the south Indian movie lovers.

As per our sources, the dubbing of the Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam versions is also finished but due to the technical errors at the last moment, the dubbed version of the series got delayed and the series released only in Hindi audio along with the subtitles in the Hindi and English.

Talking about the release date of the series in Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions, one of the close person from the team of Family Man said that, the dubbed version of the series would be available on Amazon Prime Video within 10-14 days, it means if you are looking to watch the web series in Telugu, Tamil or Malayalam you have to wait for at least 1-2 weeks, Amazon Prime Video would also provide official updates once they add the subtitles and dubbed audio.

Many of the Hindi belt viewers have complained the Hindi version is more of a Telugu and English version, while watching the series, we also noticed that the Hindi version of the series has lots of Telugu and English dialogues that were completely confusing the audiences and Hindi belt audiences have to watch the subtitles to understand the Telugu audio. Many of our readers and group members said that makers added Telugu dialogues in the Hindi version to maintain the authenticity and to give a realistic feel to the film.

So this was the update about the release of the series in Tamil and Telugu audio, are you excited to watch in Tamil or Telugu or you had already watched it?, please let us know in the comment section, for more news and updates stay tuned with STREAMINGDUE.


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