The Eken (Bengali) Review: A Good Watchable Thriller

The Eken (Bengali) Review

After impressing the audience as a web series for 5 seasons on Bengali streaming platform hoichoi and traveling around Kolkata from Dhaka to Shantiniketan solving cases our very favorite Eken Babu is back and now in a feature film.

The movie is directed by the same director who has previously directed the original series, Eken Babu, for Hoichoi. Eken Babu is a bengali detective who actually looks like a simple man and you cant get the detective vibes like we used to get from Byomkesh and Feluda but the tricks and ways eken used to solve crime is beyond imagination and always unique and new.

Eken Babu character is structured in such a way that you will relate to him in a great way. He is foody and loves to eat and always up for a banter with his team mates bapi and Pramatha. The trio has their unique and humouristic way of solving crimes and never fails to impress us with their smart and witty tactics.

Eken Babu will make you laugh to your fullest with his activity and banter with his fellow team mates who are always with him in his cases. The Eken follows the story of the same Ekendra sen with his teammates Bapi and Parramatta. The director has replaced both the character with new character in the feature film with Suhotra Mukhopadhay and Somak Ghosh. This time the story sets in Darjeeling.

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The movie starts with a place in west bengal, Bishnupur where a person is seen looking for bishnupur famous terracotta temple which will become the state first heritage city. But later we came to know that a precious vishnu idol gets stolen from the temple by killing the attendent of the temple, which was later found in an exhibition in darjeeling.

Later we see the person who has came to visit the temple get killed by two mask man and it shifts to the darjeeling where we see another one dead in jungle. And here comes eken for the rescue with his two buddies bapi and pramatha as they also came to darjeeling for vaccation.

How the idol get stolen from the temple, who are the two masked men, how eken gets into this case, who was killed in the jungle of darjeeling. For all this you have to watch the movie If you have seen the series you will easily relate the eken as he is the same character directly picked up from the series. His humour, his torn Hindi accent, his funny banter with Pramatha, his wittiness all remain the same.

All the actors have done a good job in portraying their roles and Anirban Chakraborty always manages to do great with his acting and humor. Payel Sarkar having a small screen time also manages to perform well. However, you may somehow miss the actor who has previously played the role of bapi and pramatha. You may somehow like the character of bapi here also as the new actor manages to balance it out. Mandar fame Debashsish Mondal also performs decently but his accent will not impress you much

Speaking about the location, Darjeeling itself is such a great place of beauty and hills the film captures it in a very beautiful and mesmerizing way.

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There are no direct links of the previous series into the movies. However he was seen mentioning about the Shantiniketan case (Season 5 of Eken Babu) and the case of Barman Bari (Season 4). You can still see the movie without watching the series but still i will recommend you to go for the series also maybe after the movie.

I am going with 2.8 out of 5 star. The part towards the end of any detective movie or series are the best one where all paths get link into the main incident. Same goes here, eken decodes the various incidents and how they are link with the killing of Ashoka Bera and the case of stolen idol. The story plot is decent however not new. You can predict most of the incidents if you have watched lots of detective movies and series. The climax is decent but may not impress you much.

Overall you can watch this movie. The movie might be slow in between but catches it pace in the second half. Eken and his partners will keepS you hooked till its end.

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