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The Catholic School Review (Netflix): Re-Telling of a horrific past

The Catholic School Review: Netflix has yet again, added another show to their gallery that tells one of the most heinous crimes of Italy, “The Circeo Massacre”. The massacre took place in Rome in 1975 and is considered one of the most brutal stories to come out of Italy.

For people who are not aware of the massacre, it involved the torture of two young girls named Donatella Colastani & Rosaria Lopez. They were tortured by Gianni Guido, Andrea Ghira, Angelo Izz.

The Catholic School, however, bases itself on this brutal crime that took place but shows much more than we can imagine. Well, not in terms of brutality, it also portrays the life of the privileged and how being privileged didn’t come as easy as it sounds. It had its own tribulations and that is what we’re being shown in the film.

The film shows the events of the massacre but with a time jump and in between it shows the lives of the students, not only the 3 perpetrators but also the other students in their class.

The film has been rated A for its mature content of nudity and rape scenes. The premiere of the film has already earned it critical acclaim and in times when grisly murder stories of the past make for binge-worthy top-shelf content, it seems like The Catholic School is in it for a win, but we can’t make any claims now since it’s released recently on the streaming giant, Netflix.

However, on a personal note, it deserves to be watched as it sheds some light on the crimes that have happened in our society that people should be aware of.



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