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‘The 1619 Project’ Hulu Based On True Story?

‘The 1619 Project’ Hulu Based On True Story?: The 1619 Project was released on Hulu on 26th January where it tells about the very brutal slavery and exploitation of African people at various conditions of American life today. Here we are going to tell you how is Hannah-Jones her real image, and where she is now.

The character Nikole Hannah-Jones in the documentary is based on the character of Nikole Hannah-Jones. The documentary is also the adaption of the essay “The 1619 Project” written by her for The New York Times.

The Pulitzer Prize-winner Hannah-Jones is an American Journalist, who in the year 2015 becomes a staff writer for The New York Times wherein 2019 he launched her very famous series of articles “The 1619 Project”, for which she won the Pulitzer award in 2020.

Currently, she is 46 years old and living with her husband(Faraji Hannah-Jones) and one daughter in America, she also founded the Centre for Journalism and Democracy at the Howard University School of Communications.



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