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Terrified 2 Ending Explained: Did Art The Clown Die?

Terrified 2 Ending Explained Did Art The Clown Die: Terrifier is not just a splatter film but a cult classic that shined in the part of the visual effects even being a low-budget film and when we got the news of it getting a sequel, the fans were waiting for a gruesome Halloween sequel with high expectations and well, they got what they wanted but for a price.

The news that the movie is making people vomit, even to the extent that one theatre had to call an ambulance feels like the movie did accomplish more than what it wanted. For a film that is more than 2 hours long, it feels like a bit too much and the gore is more than what one can fathom making it a must-watch if you can endure this. However, if you’re interested in the fate of Art the Clown, the new nightmare you’re in the right place

The film starts with the Morgue scene in the last film where Art’s body had been brought over for examination and Art strangles the examiner to death. Now, after coming back to the life he is out again for his new kills and finds Sienna and her family & friends. Sienna is a high-school girl who has a younger brother and a mother. Her father had killed himself due to mental problems and left a sketchbook.

Her two friends are supportive of her since Sienna has had a history of mental issues since her father died and sometimes, she has Episodes. Sienna, this one time has a dream of Art the Clown and her brother also sees Art and another girl resembling a little girl who was mutilated in a scare house.

Art has a sidekick now and she’s equally scary but she doesn’t kill anyone in the film. However, both brother and sister see Art and are terrified by the idea that he might kill them and that’s what happens. After killing Sienna’s friend and her mother, he comes to her house and kills Sienna’s mother focusing now on Sienna & her brother, Jonathan.

After Art is successful in kidnapping Jonathan, he takes him to the scare house where that little girl, Art’s side-kick was mutilated and invites Sienna over by voicing Jonathan to that scare house. Sienna with her friend and her friend’s boyfriend goes there when both her friend and her friend’s boyfriend are killed by Art.

Now, the two remain, and Sienna fights back with all her might until she couldn’t. Trapped inside a water box living the nightmare she saw about the Clown Café in the beginning of the film, she gathers the courage and takes the blade her father had gifted her and before Art could kill his brother, she beheads Art the Clown.

After she beheads Art, she sees Art’s side-kick coming and taking Art’s head and fiercely looking at Sienna and then leaving. Sienna and Jonathan are now safe from Art but are they?

Well, the end credits are quite interesting when Victoria, the girl from the first part is back in the mental asylum again after she gouged out the eyes of an interviewer. The care workers consider her very cooperative but that’s just a camouflage because we see her pregnant and from her vaginal blood, she’s been writing vulgar stuff on the wall and then we see her pulling out the umbilical cord and, in the end, we see the care worker on the ground and she hears the Clown Café song.

After she takes a peek inside Victoria’s room, she finds her licking a baby-like thing in her lap and when she opens the door, she finds the head of Art the Clown looking and smiling at her and Victoria is licking him.

The ending is quite interesting because it gives rise to a potential sequel as well because now Art isn’t alone. He has his other half, Victoria which we can see when Victoria was writing stuff on the wall with her blood, one of it was “Vicky + Art” which means that Victoria was traumatized to the extent that she’s now in love with Art the Clown and maybe we’ll see them committing the crimes together.


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