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Teen Wolf Movie Ending Explained: Did Scott and Allison end up together?

Teen Wolf Movie Ending Explained: The highly anticipated American Supernatural sci-fi action drama, written by Jeff Davis and directed by Russell Mulcahy, was released by Paramount+; additionally, the story is a continuation of the MTV series of the same name, with the series’ main characters reprising their roles.

This article will tell you the ending explained in the film, but it contains full spoilers, so you should watch the film before reading it. I will also try to completely clear up any doubts you may have about the ending.


In this film, we see Scott, with Lydia’s help, attempt to perform a ritual to bring Allison back into the world; they succeed, but unfortunately, they also bring Nogitsune into the world. After that, we see that Nogitsune has successfully brainwashed Allison and tried to tell her that Scott and his friend Derek killed her family, prompting her to begin hunting for them.

Later, we see that Scott tries to bring her memory back, but still, she hunts Derek, who almost died but was later saved by Scott. After that, we see that Scott and Allison are fighting together while Scott tries to bring her memory back, which is successful but not fully, and then she leaves him.

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After that, we see that the hooded man is Adrian Harris, who is the chemistry teacher and shares the same aim as the Nogitsume, and then the Nogitsum traps Derek, Noah, Liam, Eli, and more in the illusion that he created with his power, and the final fight begins.

The Ending

At last, we see that Lydia unleashed her power, and by doing so, Allison was able to remember all the memories, and now Allison can identify everyone, but the final battle is still not over. Then, we see that Scott, Derek, and Eli started the final battle with Nogitsume, but Nogitsume is very cunning, and he created illusions and puts all three in different illusions.

However, we see in the end that they were able to control Nogitsume and were prepared to kill him. where, with the help of Parrish, they try to burn him, and we see Derek sacrifice himself, which is emotional. And, then, we see his family, and everyone is now together.

We also see that Scott and Allison are now together, and Scott’s father gives Eli his Jeep, making everyone happy. The scene shifts to show Adrian Harris being arrested in the middle of the night, and the film ends, but it perfectly sets up the sequel.

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This is all the detail explained about the ending; besides that, let me know in the comment box how much you like this film and whether you guys plan to watch it.



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