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“Sweet Tooth” Season 2 Episode 7: Explained & Recap

“Sweet Tooth” Season 2 Episode 7:  More thrilling, more surprises, but in the middle of this happiness, Mommy aka Aimee is infected. Will she survive? How is she going to say it to Wendy? As we do episode-wise recaps, let’s find out the recap of episode 7.

Again, the backstory starts with eggs. Birdie is doing research, and the laboratory is full of eggs. During her research, Birdie finds a different egg that has a heartbeat. After the virus outbreak incident, she hands Gus to Richard and takes some stuff with her. But she is captured by guards.

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Coming back to the present, Gus sees Aimee is now in stress. When they are in the bus, they see the road is blocked, and a tank is coming towards them. Suddenly, the Animal Army comes up, and finally, Becky arrives. But that tank helps them to unblock the road, and Bobby is in the tank. Everyone is now together, and Bobby joins them in the bus. Becky informs Gus that she talked with her, and also hands over the tape to Gus.

In between this, Becky sees Wendy, her sister, and she instantly recognizes her. But it looks like Wendy is unable to recognize her. When Big Man Jepperd tries to talk with Aimee, she informs him that she is infected. Aimee has a vaccine, but she doesn’t want to use it because she knows that this vaccine is made by killing the hybrids.

After a long night, when Gus wakes up, he and everyone find themselves in front of “Yellowstone,” a forest where Gus lived with his Pubba. Everybody reaches that cabin and enjoys a happy and peaceful life. The kids are also enjoying it.

On the other side, Gus plays that cassette, and Birdie speaks about the past stories. She informs that the main cause of this pandemic was Hubris. Birdie met with Gillian Washington lying on the bed and said, “She is the patient zero” of this virus. Gillian injected herself to make a revolution in medicine. She also said there are two eggs; one is inside Gillian, and the other one becomes Genetic Unit Series 1.

Here she talks about her great-grandfather James Thacker. He went to Alaska by a ship. For saving Gus, Birdie went to a long distance. After that, she went to Alaska. Gillian died in her bed, and she said Richard to be with Gus always and make him happy.

On the other side, Becky called Tiger and gave her the location to come. Tiger was near the Preserve where they are trying to kill all Last Mans. Unfortunately, when she was talking with Becky, everything was heard by Captain Abbott, so they are in danger again.

Later in front of a campfire, Aimee talks with everyone. Every hybrid loves her. And also, Birdie said how much she loved Gus. Episode 7 ends with Gus in the woods near the fence looking at the sky with the beautiful Northern lights, but it ended badly. Tiger died and informed that Abbott is coming.

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Ending: This is how episode 7 ends. It shows how two mothers in different places are fighting for their children. One is dying but still trying to sacrifice herself to save those hybrids, and the other mother is still trying to save humanity. When everything is in the right situation, we get bad news that General Abbott is coming again. It looks like one last fight. Who will win? Let’s find out in the last episode.



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