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Suzume Ending Explained: Does Suzume Revive Souta?

Suzume, one of the most awaited anime films of the year has released in the theatres and it just doesn’t come with high expectations but for good enough reasons because the director and animator of the film, Makoto Shinkai has never once disappointed the audience. For Suzume, the fans have started showering the film with immense love and for well enough reasons.

It tells the story of Suzume who lives with her aunt after her mother dies in a tsunami and she gets swept away in an adventure involving Souta, a closer who comes from a family which is responsible for closing the gates that keep appearing all around Japan allowing the otherworldly worm-like creature to come to this world and wreaking havoc in the form of earthquakes. Suzume, at one point, loses the company of Souta and then it’s her journey to free Souta. Does she succeed in her efforts? Here’s what happens

Suzume Ending Explained: Does Suzume Revive Souta?

After Suzume takes off the keystone from her hometown abandoned door which Souta had closed, it turns into a cat called daijin and it places the curse upon Souta and transfers the responsibility of being a keystone to ward off the worm like creature from the other world. Souta realizes during their journey to find the daijin and to stop a massive attack from a worm in Tokyo which would kill millions of people Suzume places Souta who has been transformed into a chair as the keystone and he gets sent over to the ever-after where he stays as a keystone.

Suzume starts to find whatever she can to get Souta back and from his grandfather, she gets to know about the first ever door she opened and that’s the one we see in the start of the film. She goes to her hometown with her aunt, Souta’s friend, daijin and sadaijin and does find Souta there.

However, its raging with fire and the worm is trying to go back into the real world. After a battle, they are able to stop the worm from spreading and keeping it sealed with the two keystones and go back to their world.

Suzume, who starts a journey to save Souta does in fact save him from the ever-after.



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