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Sunny Malayalam Movie Review: Great Experiment Followed By Appalling Execution

Sunny Malayalam Movie Review: Pandemic had made me a fan of regional films, especially the Malayalam films, but the last 2-3 Malayam films were not up to expectations and I was looking for the prime video original film ‘sunny’ after watching the fresh and exciting trailer. The film was released a few hours back on Amazon Prime Video and here is the detailed review of the film.

The movie stars Jayasurya in the main lead role along with Aju Varghese, Sshivada, Siddique, and Mamta Mohandas. The film is directed by Ranjith Sankar and this is the 8th film of Jaysurya and Ranjith together. The film is a family-friendly show and you can watch the film with family and friends, the movie is now available on Amazon Prime video in Malayalam audio along with the English subtitles.


The plot of the film is about Sunny who is a struggling Musician and due to the pandemic, he comes to India. He has a failed past in both personal and professional life. He and his pregnant wife are in talks for divorce and he can’t get rid of drinking. When he comes to India due to pandemics he was quarantined by rules and here starts the story of his loneliness, struggles, and how he rediscovered himself. To know this you have to watch the full film on Amazon Prime Video.


Coming to the performance, there are two people in the film who saves this brave and experimental attempt. Jayasurya was so good in the film and he looks terrific, his acting is a treat to watch, and the way he has presented the emotions, most of us are going to relate with it for sure. The rest of the other actors have nothing much to show and everyone was good in their roles.


It was really a brave experiment and I salute the creators for it, but I think creators had failed themselves in the execution, the idea of the film was too good, but the script makes it look very dull, slow, and poor. it was only Jayasurya who saves the film. The pace of the story is very very slow and it looks like creators are dragging the film. Another issue with the film is its Storytelling, Malayalam films are known for great storytelling but the film lacks that sense, the story is very predictable and for a second it looks like a COVId documentary.

Now coming to the positives of the film, as I had already said, Jayasurya is a treat to watch in the film, he is too good, the BGM and background score of the film is terrific and you are going to love it for sure. Another plus point of the film is the casting and selection of voice actors, although they have nothing to show physically they play a major role in the film.


I am going with 2.5 out of 5 for this film, the film lacks proper executions and this is the only reason why the film comes out as an average film. If you have nothing to watch and you are a fan of Jayasurya, You can watch the film on Amazon Prime Video. If you are looking at the magic of Malayalam films, I will suggest you to skip this film.

This was ours Sunny Malayalam Movie Review, what are your thoughts about the film?, Please let us know in the comment sections, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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