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Steven Hatfill Real Image, Where He Is Now | The Anthrax Attacks | Netflix

Steven Hatfill was one of the most viral guy during the attacks, you are here it means you finished the Netflix original show and you want to know more about Steven and what happened to him, Here are the details.

This is where the investigation starts to raise some questions that the documentary also informed us about. Originally, the person of interest for these attacks was Steven Hatfill who is a Pathologist and a Bioweapons Expect who was fired from his job in the government for breaking the rules.

He was put under extreme pressure from the FBI because he was the poster boy for the FBI to give to the public and media but later was exonerated and then filed a lawsuit against the US Government and got a $5.8 M settlement.

This was all about the Steven Hatfill Real Image, Where He Is Now, and all other details, what do you think about him and his lawsuit?, Please let us know in the comments.



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