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State Of Siege Temple Attack Real Story

State Of Siege Temple Attack Real Story: Just a few hours after the release of the Zee5 original film Sate Of Seige Temple attack, many of our readers were asking about the real story behind the film, was the film was a completely real story? who were those commandos in real life, how the things go in real? here in the post, we are going to tell you each and every detail regarding the incident and we will also compare them from the film.

To All those who don’t know, the film stars Akshay Khanna, Gautam Rode, Abhimanu Singh, and Sami Soni in Crucial roles, the film was directed by Ken Ghosh and the film release on Zee5 as Direct To OTT release, let’s Jump To The Topic.

Real Story?

Yes, the film is inspired by the real story, on two armed terrorists attacks the Akshardham Temple of Gandhinagar, Gujrat on 24th Sept. 2002. The film is based on the same event, now coming to the comparisons. There are lots of similarities and dissimilarities too. Here we are going to discuss each and everyone’s points one by one and it will clear the story of the film.


Well, there are many similarities between the reel and real, The attack was based on a real-life incident, those targets in the exhibition halls were also similar to the real-life incident. The terrorists enter through the main gate, they killed many children and women and the fight continues till the next day. We lost 2 of our Commandos and one police officer. All these facts were real and they were taken from the real-life story in the film.


The film is very much based on fiction, the first theory of four terrorists entering the temple was false. There were only two terrorists who attacked the temple. There were no negotiations between the government and terrorists never asked any other terrorist to get released. That scene where attackers killed the hostage on the roof was also fictional, there was no such incident. The climax of the fully was full fictional and it was nowhere near to reality.

So this was the reality check of Zee5’s original film State Of Seige Temple Attack war based on a real story or not? what do you think,? please let us know in the comment section.


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