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Somebody I Used to Know Review: A Boring Romantic Drama That Feels Cringe

Somebody I Used to Know Review: Prime Video recently released a romantic comedy-drama film named Somebody I Used to Know, which was written and directed by Dave Franco, I just finished the film, and here goes the detailed review of the film.

In this article, I will review this film and try to clear your mind about watching it. I will tell you if it is worth watching and if it is only for couples who watch movies on the weekends, There will be more details in this article.

This film follows the story of a woman named Ally, where we find out that she is a videographer and that she returns to her hometown after she returns from her work, where she again meets with her ex-boyfriend, Sean, and learns more details about them, which we see in this film.

Somebody I Used to Know follows the story of Ally, who is a reality showrunner and primarily works as a videographer, We see her success in that world, but when she meets with her ex-boyfriend, Sean, we learn that her ex-boyfriend is now getting married, and we learn that she still has feelings for her ex and more about their relationship, which we see in this film as this review is spoiler-free.

Ending Explained: Somebody I Used to Know Ending Explained

The first half of this film explores the feeling of the ally, which we like to see and is enjoyable to watch, whereas the second half of this film feels okay to watch, aside from the cringe, as the role played by the character is boring to watch and the look of this film looks boring. Aside from that, the music is adequate, the camera angle is shaky, and the visual effects are impressive.

Rating: 2.3/5
Parental Guidance: Graphic n$$dity.

Finally, this film is only for couples who can watch it on Valentine’s Day and enjoy their film, whereas this film is not suitable for the average adult to watch because it contains some love scenes and other content.

Finally, this is only for couples and not for the general audience, so we may skip this film.



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