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‘Snag’ Movie Ending Explained

“Snag” Summary & Ending Explained: The latest action-comedy thriller is now available on Apple TV. If you have not watched this movie or have watched it, in this article, we are going to give you a summary and an ending explanation of the movie. So without further ado, let’s get started.

The movie begins in the past with Snag walking into a bar. He seems hurt and is coming from a fight. After drinking two beers, the bartender gets a call from someone, and after the call, he tries to kill Snag. However, Snag is saved by Valentina, whose mom is a gangster. The bartender says that her mom has given the order to kill him, but she was not present, so Snag was saved by Valentina.

Now cut to the present where Snag is living alone on a beach, and we see Valentina getting shot during their marriage. Cut to the past where Valentina and Snag are robbing together, and she is telling him he needs to learn some Spanish. Cut back to the present where he is working at a bar as a guard. Again back to the past, where he meets Valentina’s mother and she asks him why he came to Mexico from America. She warns him that if anything happens to her daughter because of his past, it will have consequences.

The next morning in the present, Snag’s old friend Marco comes to meet him. After talking for some time, Marco tells him that Valentina is alive. We are then introduced to the twins who walk into the bar where Snag works as a security guard. He is not there at the moment, so the bar owner Javi calls him to come early after seeing the guns which the twins are carrying with them.

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Snag tells Javi to come to his place with his sister without knowing who they are. We then see someone listening to their conversation, and the one who is listening gets introduced as The Reaper.

Snag, along with Marco, Javi, and his sister, goes to a hotel. The owner used to be his gun dealer, but as soon as they come out, they find out that the twins are there. However, they manage to kill them and escape from there.

Ending Explained

Back in the past, we can see that Valentina’s mother Victoria had made many attempts to kill Snag, but he always managed to escape. One day, she even held a gun to his head, but he managed to escape from there as well. On the day of their marriage, Victoria tries one more time to kill him, but her daughter comes in the way and gets shot. Snag thinks she is dead and leaves.

In the end, Snag comes to know that his best friend Jackie has been cheating on him all the time and telling Victoria about his plans. Victoria orders Jackie to kill Snag, and he calls him saying he has a son. A gunshot is heard, killing Victoria. We see that Snag and his team managed to escape the attack.

He is saved and treated by his friends. Many questions remain in his mind about the son Victoria was talking about and more. So, you can expect a sequel to the movie depending on how it performs.



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