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Sita Ramam Review: A Classic Poetic Tale

Sita Ramam Review: Malayalam Star Dulquer Salmaan, son of Mega Star Mammootty is back after Mahanati for his next straight Telugu film Sita Ramam. The film stars Dulquer Salmaan & Mrunal Thakur. So, be ready to know if you should watch this in theatres or wait for OTT.

The film starts in 80’s when Afreen’s (Rashmika Mandanna) grandfather keeps her a task to do Afreen has to find out Sita and hand over the letter to her written by Ram. If she can’t then she won’t get his property. Afreen who is a Pakistani agitator hates every objective which is Indian lands in India in search of Sita. Then, the timeline moves back from 1985 to 1965.

Back to the ’60s, Lieutenant Ram(Dulquer) works for the Indian Army as a Soldier deputed in Kashmir, where he grabs attention with his act. Then suddenly he starts getting a lot of emails from many but one intrigued him, where a girl named Sita Mahalaxmi addresses him as her husband but the letters don’t have an address.

However, after a lot of attempts, he gets to meet Sita in Hyderabad, and both of them begin falling in love with each other. Still, there’s a twist with her real identity, to know that you gotta watch it in theatres.

Hanu Raghavapudi is well known for his films like “Andala Rakshashi” & “Krishna Gaadi Veera Prema Gaadha”, both were beautiful period dramas. But, in Sita Ramam, he tried something interesting & better.

Ram & Sita’s love story was truly mesmerizing. Twists and turns in this film is what make us gripped to the screen till the end. The comedy portions of Vennela Kishore were good too. Coming to Dulquer, he is not only a handsome hunk, he has perfectly played his role as a soldier and a romantic lover. Mrunal is charming and adorable in her role, she is well in that. Rashmika plays er part well too. Tarun Bhaskar, Sumanth, Prakash Raj, and Gautam Menon play their parts methodically.

Music and Cinematography are to be praised. Much adulation is given to the background score composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar which is a great positive in this film. The first half was a bit dull which can be counted as a negative in this film. The second half was excellent as too many questions are unraveling at a pace. The amazing story, music, cinematography, and everyone’s solid performance make this film a beautiful one. Hanu Raghavapudi shines this time.

Overall, Sita Ramam is a beautifully crafted well-made film, which is a must-watch and no one should miss it. I’m going with 3 out of 5 stars for this well-told love story.

Rating – 3/5

If you’ve watched this film then let us know your thoughts about it by commenting below.

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