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Sílvia In ‘Turn Of The Tide’ Real Story, Person, Image | Who Plays ? Netflix

Sílvia In ‘Turn Of The Tide’ Real Story: The latest Netflix thriller is inspired by true events, but the characters portrayed in the series are fictional. Therefore, we do not have information about the real-life characters in the movie. Silvia plays a major role in the series.

One day, her boyfriend Eduardo finds a stash of drugs accidentally dropped by two Italian criminals, which are worth millions. They decide to sell it and become very rich. In this article, I am going to tell you the name of the actress who played the role of Silvia in the series.

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So, the Portuguese actress Helena Caldeira played the role of Silvia in the latest crime thriller. She is a young actress who recently made her debut in the industry. Therefore, there are not many movies and series in which you can see her.

Here are some of her movies: “Contado por Mulheres” (2022) and “The Piggyback Ride” (2022). In 2023, you can see her playing an important role in the series “Turn Of The Tide,” which is now streaming on Netflix.



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