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Shrinking Episode 5: Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Shrinking Episode 5: APPLETV+’s New Original Series titled “Shrinking” has returned with the third Episode. Starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford in the titular roles, the sit-com tells us the story of Dr. Jimmy Laird who lost his wife a year ago and is currently grieving, and how his attitude towards life right now begins him to breach ethical barriers and come up with different ways to help his patients.

Created by Brett Goldstein, Bill Lawrence, and Jason Segel, if you’ve also taken a liking to this show and are interested in what happens in the fifth episode, here’s the recap for you.

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Now that Paul isn’t talking to Jimmy about Sean staying at Jimmy’s place, Jimmy has been pretty much running around with no specific direction because every time he hit a roadblock, Paul was there for him but now, he has to do it all himself and it is not working for him. After Jimmy finds out that Alice has a crush on Sean, he goes to Liz to talk about how to handle that.

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He finds Gaby there and the two of them roast Jimmy over this but then Liz tells him that if he trusts Sean then he shouldn’t worry about it. Jimmy talks to Sean about taking risks after Sean’s father asks him to meet one day he does not want to meet him because his father kicked him out and now he was being very nice about meeting him.

Jimmy asks Sean to take risks and go meet his father while he confronts Paul and asks him to move forward but Paul, as stubborn as he is, pushes him away more to the point that Jimmy says that they shouldn’t talk to each other anymore. On the other hand, Sean’s father gives him the medals he got from his time in the war and it triggers something in Sean that he leaves straight away.

Sean asks Alice to go out for a walk and Alice joins but then Sean ends up doing a completely dangerous stunt of climbing on the water tower and tells Jimmy. When Jimmy tries to talk to Sean about it, things get heated to the point that Sean doesn’t want to live there anymore and says that he’s going to move out the next morning.

Alice is very mad because of this whole thing and blames Paul for this and his stubbornness. Paul on the other hand is having problems of his own where his daughter is getting indications that something is wrong but he hasn’t told her that he has Parkinson’s. As much as he doesn’t want to admit it, he also misses Jimmy but his stubbornness comes in the way until Alice confronts him.

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On the next morning, while Sean is leaving, Paul comes over, and the three talk. Paul talks Sean into opening up more about his past and tells him that Sean is lucky to have Jimmy and goes winking at Jimmy. It’s safe to say that Jimmy and Paul are back on good terms now.

The Episode ends with Paul telling his daughter about his illness. However, the Episode ends before we see him say that to his daughter. We’ll know more about that in the next Episode.



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