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She Hulk Episode 1 Review & Ending Explained

She Hulk: Attorney At Law, one of MARVEL’s Phase 5 contributions and a new addition to the superhero list that MARVEL has given us on Silver Screen has just debuted on Disney+ with its first episode.

The first episode was titled “A Normal Amount Of Rage” with a runtime of 35 minutes. The Episode started off with a court case but proceeded with how Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk actually became a Hulk in the first place.

We get to know that during a trip with Bruce Banner aka HULK after a messenger spaceship attacks them, Bruce’s Gamma Radiations blood gets into Jen’s bloodstream and well, she turns into a She-Hulk. Forced upon by Bruce and calculating that it’s going to be difficult for Jen to be a Hulk, he takes her to his beach house in Mexico to train her but is shocked when she’s learning so much faster than it took Bruce to learn and that we can see the jealousy on Bruce’s face.

The Episode also focused on what makes Jen turn into a Hulk and how she does not want to be a superhero but wants to help people in the only way she has learned until now, being an attorney so she goes back to being one after a clash with Bruce on the beach house. The Episode ends on a note that Jen’s about to do a closing argument but is disturbed by a villain Titania played by Jameela Jamil and has to defeat her with quite a few punches in the court.

Episode 1 is available to stream now in multiple languages on Disney+.

This was our opinion about the She Hulk Episode 1, drop your thoughts about the same in comments.



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