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She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

She-Hulk: Attorney At Law Season 1 Episode 2: She Hulk: Attorney At Law, an ongoing MARVEL Web Series which debuted recently on Disney+ has released its second Episode and well, it brings back some nostalgia from way back, the time when MARVEL movies were not that internationally well received with love as they are now. Episode 2 was titled “Superhuman Law” and it dealt with the aftermath of what happened at the end of Episode 1.

Jennifer Walters aka Jen after defeating Titania who came into the court during an active trial is now being hailed as a superhero who saved lives and she’s got the name as well. “She-Hulk” which is not the most appropriate name Jen would’ve liked but everyone else does.

After losing her job because of her new avatar and no one else hiring her now, she gets a job offer that seemed too good at first but then finds out that she’s going to practice “Superhuman Law” i.e., taking cases for the Superhumans and her first client is Abomination. YES! You heard it right. It’s the same Abomination from “The Incredible Hulk (2008)” and it’s being played by the same actor Tim Roth as well.

Before accepting to be his attorney, she meets The Abomination first who seems like he’s reformed, and then also confirms with Bruce aka The Hulk and he’s quite okay with her taking the case. But later on, she finds out that The Abomination has escaped from Prison and is participating in an Underground Fight Club.

That’s where the Episode ended on surprising Jen with respect to The Abomination who seemed reformed at first but now is fighting after somehow escaping from Prison. It feels like She-Hulk is going to be fighting him one on one in the series since Bruce is traveling in Space for some work as we saw in the Episode.

This Episode was a bit nostalgic because it brought back The Abomination but it wasn’t enough to cover the Bad CGI that She-Hulk has. However, the Episode is definitely an improvement from the first one.



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