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Sharper Ending Explained – Who Cons Who? – | Apple Tv+

AppleTV+ Original Movie titled “Sharper” has been released on the streaming platform recently which is directed by Benjamin Caron. Written by Brian Gatewood and Alessandro Tanaka, the film is a Psychological Thriller that tells the story of a con artist and the list of cons followed by the ultimate con.

Who cons who is what’s interesting in this film.

It stars Sebastian Stan, Julianne Moore, Justice Smith, John Lithgow, and Briana Middleton. If you’re interested in what happens at the end of the film, let us be your ally in that.

Sharper Ending Explained: Who Cons Who?

Tom, a bookstore owner gets conned by Sandra at the beginning of the film who turns out to be the son of a Billionaire but then it turns out to be a lot more than meets the eye. Tom was in line to inherit a great amount of wealth from his father but then the con artists.

Max and Madeline con themselves into the life of Richard, Tom’s father. Madeline wanted that inheritance and the only way to get it was to make Tom seem like he’s unfit for that type of responsibility then Max takes Sandra in who is a junkie and then makes her into a con artist who then does cons Tom and takes his $350,000 which lowers his impressions and credibility in his father’s eyes so he leaves all of his $9.2 Billion to Madeline and leaving Tom with trust and the control of a charity called The Richard Hobbes Foundation.

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However, leaving Tom with control of the charity, he also named Madeline as the trustee and in case something happened to Tom, she will be instated as the sole controller of that trust.

What happens after is Tom hires someone to find Sandy and they do find her but not in the same state that Tom was used to seeing her. She was using again after Max had left her when she completed the con with no money. Sandy knows everything and when Madeline comes to talk to her, she confesses everything and tells Madeline if she doesn’t have Max meet him soon, she will tell everything to Tom about her lies and how she conned her way to get the inheritance.

This all comes down to one afternoon when Madeline takes Sandy to meet Max and they’re followed by Tom and the people that he had hired to find Sandy where Tom pulls a gun on the three of them. Somehow Madeline gets in control of the gun and Tom in hopes of getting that gun off of her gets shot in the chest and dies.

In that chaos, the people get her to give all of the wealth that she currently possesses to the charity leaving her with nothing and in exchange, they were going to let this slide and let the three of them go. Madeline is clever and she knows that if Tom dies, she becomes the trustee of the charity and she doesn’t have a problem transferring all the wealth to the trust.

ReviewSharper Movie Review | Apple Tv+

Turns out, Tom didn’t really die. It was all a con that Tom and Sandy had planned. After Sandy had just conned Tom, she is working somewhere and she finds out through the newspaper what the real plot of Max was so she ends up going to Tom and coming clean to him.

The two then plan a con to get all the wealth back from Madeline, meaning conning the cons, and well, in the end, they achieve that leaving Madeline with nothing.

Sharper is currently streaming on AppleTV+ in English.



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