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Sharma in ‘Mission Majnu’ | Real Image, Person | Netflix

Sharma Played by Zakir Hussain is one of the Most crucial character from the Netflix original film ‘Mission Majnu‘, the chracter of Sharma is short yet very Impactful in the film, as many of you were asking about truth behind the characters and here we are going to tell you the same.

As we said, the character of the Sharma is Played by Zakir Hussain, Sharma is Off Field Raw Agent in India who handle the Operations of RAW in Pakistan and Communicates with the Raw agents in Pakistan.

Now coming to the Truth Behind the Character, The Character is not based on the Real Person’s life, the character of Sharma in the film is fully Fictional character and it was introduced in the film to bring the emotional touch to the film.

Hope you got everything cleared about the Character of Sharma in ‘Mission Majnu’, What do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comments.



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