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Shark Tank India Episode 11 Recap, Pitches, Summary

Shark Tank India Episode 11 Recap, Pitches, Summary: Today 3 Pitches Entered In The Tank And Everyone Got Investment From Sharks We’re Going to tell you Who Came And How Much Investment They Got From Sharks.

Here we are going to tell you about the Episode 11 Recap, Details about all the Pitches and some more info related to the show.;

ABC Fitness Firm

ABC Fitness Firm Founded By Roshan And Anirudh Because Of ABC Fitness Firm 85 People Got Job In Their Form Under Sports Sector. They’re Very Famous In Pune For Sports They Teach Games Like Basketball, Kho Kho, Tennis, And Many More They Also Played a basketball Match with sharks Aman, Anupam, Peyush, Vineeta, And Namita.

Aman And Vineeta Scored 2 Baskets In The Game. Namita Thapar Said She Already Knew them because In Their Firm She Owns A Team And Her Children Learns Basketball From ABC Fitness Firm. They Demanded 40 Lakhs In Exchange For 2% Equity Everyone Was Out From The Deal Except Peyush And Namita.

Peyush Offered Them 40 lakhs In Exchange Of 10% Equity And They Happily Accepted The Offer.

Prime Book

Prime book Is The Most Affordable Android Based Laptop. The Team Of 4 Came In Shark Tank Co-Founder, CEO, CTO, And COO Of The Company Presented Their Product Prime book Which Is Just Rs 15000 And Sharks Were Really Impressed With That The Product Comes With Their own operating System Titled As PrimeOs.

Their ask Was 75 Lakhs In Exchange For 1.5% Equity And The Great Thing for them was They Got an offer from every shark First Aman Gupta Offered Them With 75 Lakhs For 4% Then Anupam Mittal Offered With 75 Lakhs For 3% Vineeta Singh 75 Lakhs For 3% And Peyush Bansal With 75 Lakhs For 4% Pitchers Said They Can Dilute Max 2.5% Equity Aman Gupta And Peyush Bansal Got ready For 2.5% After That The Deal Was Closed With Aman And Peyush Together In The Deal 75 Lakhs In Exchange Of 3% Equity.

Daily Dump

Pitcher Poonam Kasturi Came With Her Brand Daily Dump. She Presented Her Brand As a Composter The Daily waste you Throw Out Of the House Is Actually Very Useful She Taught That. Namita Already Knew Her. She Met Her In An Award Function. Poonam Kasturi Got Felicitated By Prime Minister Narendra Modi In NITI Aayog.

At the time of the deal Everyone Was Out Except Namita Thapar She was Given an Offer Of 30 Lakhs For 4% Equity And 30 Lakhs Debt With an interest of 10 p.a. The Original Ask Was 80 Lakhs For 4% Equity. Poonam Kasturi happily accepts Namita’s Offer.



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