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Sharan in ‘Class’ Netflix | Instagram, Actor Name | Who Plays?

Sharan in ‘Class’ Netflix: Sharan is one of the supporting characters from Netflix’s Class. Sharan is the boyfriend of Koel and their sexual life is not that good so he agreed to the decision of Koel to add a third person to their sexual life.

Sharan follows the order of his close ones and can go to any length for it, here we are going to tell you about the real name of the actor playing the role in the film.

Who Played Sharan in Netflix’s Class?

Guitarist Moses Koul Played the role of Sharan in Netflix’s Class. Moses is a Guitarist who plays Guitar in Arjit Singh Consort and For many more Singers. He also produced some of his own songs. Moses and Naina Bhan (Who played Koel in Class) were already known to each other before Class. Naina directed a Music Video Where Moses is the Guitarist.

Moses might be an example of becoming an accidental actor, what do you think about her performance?, Please let us know in the comments.



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