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Shahmaran Ending Explained: Lilith Dead Or Alive? | Women in Well?

Shahmaran Ending Explained: Netflix’s original Turkish Adventure drama series ‘Shahmaran’ is now streaming on Netflix with 8 episodes, all episodes are around 40-45 Minutes long and like every second series released nowadays, the series ends with lots of unanswered questions.

The biggest that comes into the Mind of viewers that who is the Women in the Anavarza Castle? and whether is Lilith Dead or Alive, here we are going to answer all your questions, if you have any doubts or questions related to the show, you can also ask us in the comments.

Before jumping to the ending of the show, let’s do a recap of the whole series to make you understand better, before you read further, let me warn you that, This Post contains some spoilers, so if you haven’t watched the series yet, stop reading it from here, as there are many spoilers ahead.

The series revolves around Shahsu who comes to Adana for a lecture in college, Visit she also meets with her Grandfather named ‘Davut‘, In all between these she meets with the neighbor Maaran, who lives with his dad and three of her sisters, They slowly came closer to each other and they fall in love.

From the day, Shahsu arrives, she notices some strange things around her surroundings, One Day She was saved from a Fire in Local Market by Maran, Other Day she was saved by a Snake Bite and there are many more such Incidents as the story unfolds, we get to know that Maran and his family is half-human and half-snake Basilisk, and they are on the earth for the motive.

Who Was That Women In Well?

At the end of the show, we get to see the background story behind these all Incidents, Maran explains to Shashu that the story starts a long way back, Shahmaran Queen of Snakes falls in love with a Human named ‘Camsap’, and they both start loving each other Madly, but one day when ‘Camsap’ decided to go back to home, Shahmaran allowed him to go back with a Promise that he will never tell anyone about their relationship and the existence of ‘Shahmaran’. When Camsap arrives back on the mainland, he came to know that his King is near death and he can only be saved if he Eats the soup of ‘Shahmaran’ Upper body Part, Camsap betrayed ‘Shahmaran’ and he disclosed the location of ‘Shahmaran’ and thus she was killed.

Shahmaran Netflix

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Even while dying, ‘Shahmaran’ asked ‘Camsap’ to drink the soup of her tale and with that ‘Camsap’ becomes immortal, When the ‘Shahmaran’ sister Lilith came to know about all these things, she became angry and she wants to destroy the whole mankind, to stop the Killings of Human Lilith was Captured inside that well in Anavarza. The lady in the well was none other than Lilith The sister of ‘Shahmaran.

Lilith Dead Or Alive?

Now coming to the Main Part, Is Lilith Dead or Alive?, As per our theory, Lilith is dead, Let me Explain this. As per the prophecy, Shahmaran will be reborn, if any Human from the Camsap family falls in love with any half-human and half-snake Basilisk till Death, then Shahmaran will be reborn, We get to know that, Shashu is from the Camsap family and she is in love with Maran Badly, Initially she didn’t believe Maran, but soon she realizes that, Maran was Right and she needs to Die to save humanity, In the last of the episode we get to see that, Shashu is going towards the lake and in the last moment of the episode she gave a final Kiss to Maran.

In the other Frame, we get to see that Lilith wakes up but she was soon Beaten by White Snake and the show ends here, it means after the Final Kiss, There is a Possible Chance that Shashu Kills herself in the Lake and as soon as she Kills herself, it leads to the Rebirth of ‘Shahmaran’ and ‘Shahmaran’ Kills Lilith and the show ends here.

Davut/Camsap Dead Or Alive?

Another Question that comes into the Mind of Viewers that how did Camsap aka Davut Died if he was immortal, Well at the end of the show we get to see that Lilith was Killed by White Snake maybe is ‘Shahmaran’, The rebirth of ‘Shahmaran’ may lead to attaining redemption ‘Moksha’ for Davut.

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This was our Shahmaran Ending Explained, What do you think about the show?, Please le us know in the Comments.



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