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Seven Kings Must Die Filming Location

The Netflix is original ‘The Last Kingdom’ continued for five seasons and has now wrapped up with the movie ‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die’. It was mostly shot in Hungary, with Budapest used sometimes to shoot major interior scenes featuring coastal well-offs and locations, as well as the palaces and locations of Bebbanberg.

The main castle shown in the movie, Winchester Palace, had its prop laid out in the west of Budapest.

Uhtred’s castle in Bebbanberg (currently Bamburgh) is in Northumberland, where many scenes were recorded and shot, including action-packed scenes that give off major fictional vibes. The castle is a historical site in Bamburgh that presents a rough layout of Uhtred’s home. The majority of the action scenes were shot in Hungary on the beachside and coastal locations, providing a brief layout and a comfortable situation space.

The castle’s layout presented throughout the movie is the best scene you could have ever seen, and the interior was worked out to give all the historical vibes to the viewers. These are all the locations shot for ‘The Last Kingdom: Seven Kings Must Die‘.

Please watch the show on Netflix, and if you want to see these sites, go watch it. The major castle is today named Bamburgh Castle (Bebbanburg).


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