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Secrets Of Summer Cielo Grande Season 3 Release Date Netflix | Renewed ?

Secret Of Summer Cielo Grande Season 3 Release Date: Cielo Grande aka Secret Of Summer season 2 released a few days back on Netflix and the show is loved by the audiences, Many of our readers are already asking about season 3, and the renewal status of the show.

Here we are going to tell you about the Season 3 release date, renewal status, and some more details about the show.

The show is created by Jorge Edelstein, season 2 has around 8 episodes and all episodes are now available to watch in Original audio along with English subtitles, season 1 of the show has 11 Episodes and they were a super hit.

If everything goes well and as per Netflix timeline, You may get to see season 3 of Netflix’s original show by 2024, the official release date and renewal confirmation are yet to be done, but there are chances that the show will be renewed for sure and you will get the official confirmation about it super soon.



  1. we all need a season 3! But I’m certain there won’t be one, We all want one but season 2 ended and there’s nothing else left to happen. It’s also been confirmed by the cast and producers of the show that season 2 will be the last season. You can also check there instagram page to see the post of them confirming that season 2 will be the last season. (you just have to scroll down a little bit).

  2. in the season 2 junin and steff ended up getting backtogether but i want a season 3 to see if steff and Santiago get back together there ment for each other and there very cute together i want to see what happens next plessssse be a season 3 with steffi and Santiago getting back together .

  3. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!!!! If you guys don’t do season 3 I will literally cry!!!!!! We all love this very much and bravo to the creator of this you are amazing! Please please please do another season. And keep the couple things going!!!! I love this so much

  4. Steffi is such a great actor. I watched her in this and GO! And she’s literally perfect. All of the other actors are just so great. I could literally be ok if All other shows were canceled but Secrets of Summer wasn’t. I would watch if literally every single day.

    I wish it was a never ending show because this is literally a peace of gold. Love this so much guys…. I’m literally begging you to do season 3

    Also please do a season 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20 ECT……


    ALSO I JUST WANTED TO SAY THIS TO ALL THE ACTORS IN THIS!!! If you are reading this…. I literally love you guys so much and it would be a dream come true if I could meet you guys someday… You guys are truly pure gold. Keep doing what your doing you were meant for this. God loves you and so do I …. 💗💗💗

  5. So this is me commenting 3 comments in a row… I also wanted to say to the actors you guys are truly so hot, pretty , cute, Beautiful, and so many more amazing words…. Always gonna love you guys 🙃

  6. PLS PLS be a season 3 of secrets of summer I want to know what stffi and Luz do to celo granda and stffi and julian 4 evs❤


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