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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending Explained – Who kidnapped Scott Pilgrim?

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Ending Explained: “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off” is an anime adaptation of the 2010 Scott Pilgrim movies and Graphic Novel. The anime version isn’t a complete adaptation of the movie because the stories are different in the movie and anime.

I like the anime more as it really did a good job at redeeming every character. “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” was more focused on Scott Pilgrim rather than other characters, but in the anime, everyone got to shine and redeem themselves, from Evil Exes to Scott’s high school girlfriend. “Scott Pilgrim vs The World” also connects with the anime in a big way.

Who Kidnapped Scott Pilgrim?

Scott Pilgrim, a 23-year-old guy, meets Ramona Flowers, a girl who had an unpleasant past. Ramona’s past relationships weren’t good enough, or you can say it was Ramona’s fault. On the other hand, Scott wasn’t a saint; he was like Ramona, running away from relationships.

Scott was jobless, but he and his friends have an indie-rock band called Sex Bob-omb. Sex Bob-omb has three members apart from Scott: Stephen Stills, the songwriter and leader of the group; Kim Pine, ex-girlfriend of Scott and the drummer; and Young Neil, the roommate of Stephen Stills, so he was also part of the group. Scott was also dating a 16-year-old high school girl, Knives Chu. Scott doesn’t have any interest in the relationship, but he also couldn’t say no to Knives.

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After meeting Ramona, he invites her to see their band perform in a competition. The performance was stopped after Matthew Patel, an evil ex of Ramona, interfered. Matthew Patel tells Scott about Ramona’s League of Evil Exes, seven evil exes of Ramona teamed up to fight with Ramona’s new love interest. Scott was the love interest of Ramona, so the evil exes now had to fight with Scott. In the fight, Matthew Patel killed Scott; that’s what everyone thought.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 5

Ramona heard Scott’s voice in her dream and looked at the club’s CCTV footage. She saw a portal opening between the fight and taking Scott. Ramona’s first suspects were her evil exes and Scott’s ex-girlfriend Kim Pine. As she researched, she didn’t find any strong evidence. Ramona saw a robot in the club when Scott went missing, and according to her, it was the Katayanagi Twins. But she was wrong; it was none other than Scott Pilgrim himself.

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It was future Scott Pilgrim who kidnapped Scott from the club.

Why did the Old Scott Pilgrim Kidnap Young Scott?

The old Scott Pilgrim kidnapped Scott because his relationship with Ramona didn’t end well. Old Scott beat all those exes of Ramona, and the two ended up marrying. The relationship ended after ten years; Wallace, roommate of Scott, jokingly told him if he had a time machine, he could stop his past self from dating Ramona.

Katayanagi Twins and Scott were friends in the future, so Scott asked them to help him in Time Travelling. By using the robot of Katayanagi Twins, Old Scott went to the past and kidnapped Scott Pilgrim, so he couldn’t date Ramona.

Did Young Neil Write The Movie?

Young Neil started to feel his enthusiasm about movies, so he thought of writing a script. But couldn’t write a script; when he was asleep, he saw someone sitting at his desk and writing something. He thought it was his sleep paralysis demon and slept again. When he woke up, he found a full-fledged script on his desk. The story was about Scott Pilgrim beating all the evil exes of Ramona and ending up together with Ramona.

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Turns out it was Old Ramona Flowers writing the script for Young Neil. Ramona got to know about Old Scott time travelling to stop Young Scott from dating Ramona, so she planned to make a movie so Scott doesn’t forget about them. Old Neil wrote a memoir, so Ramona read the book and turned it into a script. The sleep paralysis demon was actually Old Ramona Flowers; she went to the past and wrote the script.


What Happened To Old Scott Pilgrim and Old Ramona Flowers?

In the future, Scott meets Old Ramona; Ramona sends him back to the past. Scott and Ramona meet again and try to kiss each other, but can’t due to a force field between them. It was Old Scott Pilgrim who put a nanomachine in Scott’s body which prevented him from only kissing Ramona Flowers. But it still couldn’t prevent Scott Pilgrim and Ramona from marrying; they might have found a way on how to disable the force field by The Katayanagi Twins.

After Young Scott left the future, Old Scott returned to the old place of Wallace, where he trained for ten years and learned fighting moves to defeat everyone. His plan was to time travel to the past and kill Young Scott to prevent him from marrying Ramona. He was kind of successful in it, but Old Ramona came to help Young Scott and Ramona.

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Old Ramona and Scott accept their fault. The reason the two ended up parting away was because of communication; the two loved each other. But just like their past relationships, they ran away after a small misunderstanding.

Old Ramona joined with Young Ramona and sent Old Scott Pilgrim to the future, and the two also broke the force field that was stopping them from kissing. Young Scott and Ramona ended up together.



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