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Santos Sarah Lawrence | Real Image, Where He Is Now? | Hulu | Stolen Youth

Santos ‘Sarah Lawrence’ Hulu Stolen Youth: For those who do not know Stolen Youth is a documentary about students of Sarah Lawrence who rented a doom and lived together, there were 8 of them who lived together. But as soon as his girlfriend’s father came to live with them they do not know that their life is going to change totally from now as on as they were being tortured mentally and physically by her father which impacted their life very much.

To know more you can watch this latest crime documentary on HULU


Back in 2009, he goes to attend Sarah Lawrence College in New York where he wanted to make his future and complete his dreams. In 2010 he with his 7 more friends rented a dorm there where they lived together.

After some time one of them Talia Ray who also used to be his girlfriend asked them to call his father there to live because he recently gets out of jail and had nowhere to live when his father came to live with them he used to live in the living room in a couch and used to tell them all stories and sometimes cook for them and order pizza, they started liking him and Santos all calls his both elder sisters Felicia and Yalitza to live with them.

But later all three of them get abused both mentally and physically even after one of his sisters gets a job as a doctor after studying at Harvard University and Columbia medical school.

Santos was able to get out from this successfully in 2015 but he is not able to go meet his family and started living in a shelter, but his parents said that they were always welcome there as it was not their fault, but in 2020 larry was arrested and he also gives testimony against him and able to meet his family currently he is living in the Bronx with his family and is able to get a full-time job.



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