Salute Movie Ending Explained

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Salute Movie Ending Explained: Open endings are very common nowadays, most of filmmakers prefer the ending of the crime thrillers to be an open ending so that audiences can decide the fate and end of the film, Malayalam film Salute is just another film of the same type, here we are going to explain the ending of SonyLiv original Malayalam Film Salute.

The movie stars Dulquer Salman (Playing as Arvind) in the main lead role as the Cop, the cast of Salute also includes Diana Penty (Dia, Arvind’s Girlfriend), Manoj K Jayan (Ajith, Arvind’s Elder Brother), Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and others. The film is directed by Roshan Andrews and written by Bobby-Sanjay. The film was released on SonyLiv in Hindi, Malayalam, and other versions along with the English subtitles.

Before jumping to the ending, let me warn you there are spoilers ahead, so if you haven’t seen the film yet, Please stop reading from here because there are spoilers ahead. Now coming to the ending of the film, In the end, we saw that Arvind gets an unnamed letter and the writer of the letter claimed that he is behind all those scams and the double murder of Martin and his wife. Arvind realizes that the body at the crematorium was not the body of the killer but it was someone else and it was planned by the killer to divert the investigation So that he can escape easily.

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In the last minutes of the film, Arvind (Dulquer Salmaan ) Says “you will die nameless…and the only one to witness your death is me” it means, he knows that the killer is still roaming free, and now he is going to find him and kill him. The killer is dead on the records and Murli is free, the ultimate aim of Arvind is to get Murli out of the case and he succeeds in that, now he is going to catch the killer.

Makers were in Plan to make another Part of the film while writing it and that’s the main reason behind the ending, now there are two theories, One is that the Killer is still alive and many of our readers are claiming that Killer is dead, Now it’s all up to you are your opinion to decide the ending of the film as it is an open ending film.

What is your theory about the ending of this film? what do you think about it?, Please let us know in the comment section, if we found it interesting we will update it in the post with your name, for more news and updates, stay tuned with us.

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    • if the killer is still alive, so technically the letter is written before his death. Aravind is going to catch him and kill him.

  1. Nonsensical conclusion..he clearly alludes to the fact that it was a letter that was written before the death..that is what Aravind refers to in the end when he says “you will die nameless..”

  2. According to me The killer is dead There is a reference(October 30) in the letter watch again the movie carefully.I dont know it is true or not

  3. According to it’s a suspense mystery movie. In that case killer is alive and that dead body is another people, which that the killer was planned to convert of investigation and police. Writings also a part of these. I think it’s not sequel of this movie. Because ending is not clear.

  4. One thing everyone missing, the dead body is Vijays and as per my view he created the same features of his body (the strach on his hand) Vijay is a military person height matches and watch man clearly mentioned he has to come on Tuesday but he hasn’t written…. So the killer is still free nd that is why Arvind mention hel die soon without any name…!!

  5. When he says he dies nameless and he claims only he knows then aravind would have encountered him and instead of producing him in front of law, he might have killed him for his crimes. So only he knows because he’s de one who killed him.


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