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Saba in ‘Class’ Netflix | Actress Name, Instagram, Age | Who Plays?

Saba ‘Class’ Netflix: Saba is one of the main lead characters in Netflix’s Class. Saba is a Muslim girl who got a chance to study at Hampton International School, she is also a good friend of Dheeraj and Bali.

Saba faces discrimination due to her attire and her religion at Hampton International, here we are going to tell you about the real name and Instagram of actress playing the role of Saba.

Who Played Saba in Class?

Dancer and actress Madhyama Segal played the lead role of Saba in Netflix’s Class. Class is the first Series for Madhyama. She is best known for her Odissi Dance. Madhyama Segal is the granddaughter of the legendary actress, dancer and Padma Shri awarded Zohra Segal.

Madhyama Segal total has 6k+ followers on the Instagram @madhyama

I think she is very good in the role of Saba, but What are you thinking? Did you like the Casting?



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